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Re: filmscanners: Dust removal cloths

In <>,  wrote:

> Brian, note that I'm from the land down under, so the brands may not be
> meaningful anyway.. The ones I'm using are indeed called 'Amazing Wipes'
> ;-/. 'As seen on TV' the box proclaims, but I have never seen them
> advertised..  I actually bought them from a clearance store - you know,
> SupaCheap, Cunninghams Warehouse, Cheap as Chips, that sort of place (now
> you know what sort of person I am!).
> The ones I *have* seen advertised on local TV were called 'Swiffer' - if I
> recall correctly they were so expensive I didn't bother trying them.
> I did try 'Pledge Grab-it's, but despite a no-oil statement on the pack,
> they did seem leave a slight silicony? trail, so they are now employed to
> clean the exterior of my highly abused camera gear!
I'm afraid "Swiffer" is the only brand I've heard of in the UK! However I 
will see if I can find "Amazing Wipes" somewhere. Of course that fact that 
they have the same name is no guarantee that the UK version (if it exists) 
has quite the same properties as the Aussie type. Companies often vary their 
products to suit local preferences.

Brian Rumary, England



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