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RE: filmscanners: GEM, ROC compared to Vuescan

>From: "shAf" <michael@shaffer.net>
>My 1st experience with Ed's "scrub" was
>disappointing with respect to edges ... it wasn't like a "gaussian
>blur", but more like a "median" filter.

I agree.  It seems to me that the grain reduction does soften the image.  I 
showed that on a webpage that I sent to this list a couple of weeks ago.  
Here it is again:


I still wish that Ed would make the grain reduction a separate control so 
that it wasn't combined with the cleaning options.

On Feb. 5 Ed said:

"Except that VueScan's dust removal works better than Digital ICE,
VueScan's "Restore colors" works better than Digital ROC, and
VueScan's Clean function works better than Digital GEM. I'm biased
of course, and people should come to their own conclusions, but
these assertions are simple things to verify by simply trying them."

The original message can be seen here:


Ed also wants feedback on this.

I'm hoping that someone with a scanner that has GEM and ROC can tell us how 
they compare to Vuescan.  Until the new Nikon scanners are available that 
might mean that the only scanner with GEM and ROC is the Minolta Scan Multi 
II.  Is that right?
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