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Re: filmscanners: Beginner

Lynn Allen wrote:

> This is for Armando--
> > 
> My intuition says that you're looking at a hi-res flatbed because, as an
> art-director, you have to deal with both reflective and film illustrations.
> I tried that a year ago, and it didn't work. As Art indicated, flatbeds
> don't do well with film. You're probably going to need BOTH a hi-res flatbed
> (1200x1200dpi) and a specialized filmscanner for your magazine (2700x2700
> will do, higher-res with a higher density range is better)--unless your
> lifelong desire is to develop a stomach ulcer. The two different formats
> produce such disparate results that you'll kill yourself (almost literally)
> trying to resolve them on a flatbed.
I fully agree with you Lynn.  My usual recommendation when cash is a 
constraint is buy the best film scanner you can afford, and then raid 
the petty cash box and buy a flatbed also.  If the budget is getting 
into the $3000 range, then some of the higher end dual function 
flatbeds, like the Agfa 2500 can make many happy due to its versatility 
as a very good flatbed, reasonable 35mm and very good medium format 
scanner.  However, for someone on a relatively tight budget, a 
mid-priced film scanner ($400-800 US) and a mid priced flatbed (which 
today can be under $200US) are a good compromise.  I believe the Afga 
"e" series scanners have some with 1200 dpi optical at around this price 

I have never been a great believer in the magic black box which washes 
your clothes and makes toast.  Very simply, too much compromise in 
design is necessary, unless price isn't a restriction, not to mention 
that if it breaks down, you're stuck having to go to the Laundromat AND 
eating your breakfast without toasted bread until it is fixed.  Only if 
space is at a great premium do I ever recommend "all in one" devices. 
For some reason, they rarely seem to save money anyway.



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