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Re: filmscanners: storage

Let's face it.  A lot of problems with CD-R burners have to do with the 
system they are on, what software is being used, the blank disk quality 
and the interface on the burner.  I'm suspect of any overly broad 
comments about these drives in terms of brands.

I get lots of buffer underruns and other failed burns  and I have a 
Plextor. I spoke with their chief engineer, a very nice guy, BTW, for 
nearly an hour.  He gave me a rundown on the dozens of non-burner 
problems that can cause difficulties.  CD-R burning is just now 
beginning to come of age in terms of working reliably, and it is due to 
many factors, including improved blank disks (Plextor suggests sticking 
with only the brands of disks they "recommend" on their website), faster 
processors and memory, better code by Adaptec and others, people 
learning how to configure their systems better, newer, faster and more 
compatible CD-ROM drives to copy from, etc.

If you want a minimum of problems, go SCSI on whatever brand drive you 
get, the IDE interfacing is not as reliable when it is fighting to 
support your hard drive, CD-ROM, etc, at the same time. Get a drive with 
"burn proof" by Sanyo which uses a new system to locate the location in 
an interrupted burn and continue it, which allows you to surf the web 
while burning a CD, and other things.  Be careful, when using an IDE 
interfaced system, to place the burner as your master drive, and if 
possible leave the CD burner as the only device on that leg of your IDE 
interface. Get a burner with at least 2 megs buffer built in.

All the manufacturers, IMHO, jumped the gun on selling CD-R burners as 
an easy to use peripheral.  They are only just getting there.  I have 
heard of very few problems overall with any of the name brand CD-R 
burners, but lots of configuration related problems.


Michael Moore wrote:

> I have an HP 9210i (10x burn) that I have put about 50 disks through and will 
> lots more in the coming months.. I checked out the reviews and user forums 
> I bought the HP... the Sony was rated along with HP as one of the tops.. So 
> the HP does a great job and my clients have had no problems reading the 
> Mike Moore


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