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Re: filmscanners: storage

I have an HP 9210i (10x burn) that I have put about 50 disks through and will 
lots more in the coming months.. I checked out the reviews and user forums 
I bought the HP... the Sony was rated along with HP as one of the tops.. So far,
the HP does a great job and my clients have had no problems reading the discs...

Mike Moore

BHannaford@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 2/14/01 7:13:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, lalle@email.com
> writes:
> << Ditto on the Phillips; I've found them unreliable. I don't think HP is OEM.
>  My Sony is a bit slow, but doesn't give trouble and the price is right.
>  --LRA
>  From: jimhayes <jimhayes@jymis.com>
>  >Yamaha. Don't get a Phillips or an HP. I just got a settlement from a class
>  action suit against Phillips CD recorder. >>
> In the interest of presenting both sides: my HP9110i burner has performed
> well, although I have not put many disks through it yet.
> Bruce


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