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filmscanners: Beginner's question on which scanner to chose

Hi guys.
Sorry for this question.
I notice that your posts are all so high leveled that I almost feel ashamed 
for such a beginner's question but ... here it goes.

I 'm considering the acquisition of a scanner to scan slides for my magazine.
I've been given several options.
(Please consider that Portugal is not the best place to get the ultimate 
machine just by going to the shop) :-(

First of all I was shown the Epson 1640 Photo (which is a flatbed and is 
said to scan 1600x3200dpi)
I've seen slide scans from the 1240 Photo are they seem good although I 
could not see info on the final resolution of the scanned image.
The price is very competitive but the info on the final resolution is missing.
And I need at least 300 dpi final resolution ot the scanned image.

Then I found scantips (and this list and several other sites) .
And everybody seems to indicate the film scanner direction.
But nobody speaks about the Epson scanners.
This made me look at film scanners.

I found one Canon (which costs me 2x the price of the Epson) with a 
resolution that is said to be less than the Epson.
And I found the Nikon LS2000 (which will cost 6x the Epson) with a 
resolution of 2700dpi .
There is also another Nikon that is less expensive and (of course) has less 

Although I'm a little Nikon maniac when it comes to cameras, I thought that 
there was a lack of info somewhere.

Can you help me?
Is it worth it to spend my company's money on a filmscanner when Epson 
seems to have such a great solution (price and resolution wise)?
As anybody tested the Epson 1640 Photo?
Any help will be deeply appreciated.


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