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Re: filmscanners: Vuescan long pass mode

Henk, my <g> was in no way directed to Ed !!

Certainly he is doing a great job and fully get the burden of
the support as well as he moves VueScan forward (rapidly!).

I am probably in the minority of this list because photography is my
hobby: I am a software developer, not a professional photographer.

So I believe I understand both sides quite well. My remarks in that
message are just what probably every programmer would say to his/her


>> Also developer's point of view may be very
>> different from the user's (for many reasons).
>> It is a common pain we are to live with until
>> we'll be writing our own VueScan's <g>.

HdJ> I noticed the <g>, but I like to mention that Ed is doing a great job
HdJ> creating and maintaning VueScan the way he does! There is no doubt about
HdJ> that.
HdJ> Users can be critical about new features, but do not think that Ed do not
HdJ> like to improve his VueScan!
HdJ> It is the only software I know wich improves with new versions more than 
HdJ> time a week ;-)

HdJ> __________
HdJ> With kind regards,

HdJ> Henk de Jong

HdJ> E-mail:
HdJ> hsdejong@worldmail.nl
HdJ> Homepage Nepal - Trekking Around Annapurna - Photo Gallery:
HdJ> http://annapurna.wolweb.nl

Best regards,
 Alexander                            mailto:snd@tepkom.ru


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