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Re: filmscanners: OT: dyesub printers (long)

I got into a long discussion with Kodak about this a couple years back
when they first introduced their dye sub photographic copy centers into
stores, because I was noticing people tossing old photos after they made
a cleaned up, larger version on the Kodak machine.

I suggested, at that time, that Kodak warn people against this, since
the output from their dye sub printer was not nearly as permanent as
either color or especially B&W silver prints.

Kodak's reply was that their research showed that dye sub without a UV
layer was very vulnerable to UV and heat damage, and that they had
stopped using a non-coated product.  3M told me that their dye sub
products should only be considered working proofs, because they could
fade within 30-60 days enough to not be consider accurate after that point.

Kodak claims the UV coated dye sub prints have equivalent lifespan to
"typical modern color photographic prints".

I suspect that pigments are much more stable than sublimated color dyes,
and I would not make any assumptions about longevity.  However, having
said that, I have some print samples in dark storage which look as good
as memory allows for accuracy, and some of them are a good 4-5 years
old.  I have not kept any under more normal display situations.

Rob Geraghty wrote:

 >> Arthur Entlich wrote:
 > [stuff about dye sub]
 > There seemed to be stuff on the Epson list that dye sub prints may 
not last
 > as long as pigment based inkjet prints.  Anyone have any ideas on dye sub
 > longevity?
 > Rob


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