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Re: filmscanners: VueScan 6.6.1 problems - long pass

VZ> There are several problems here, easy noticable, I highlighted them.
VZ> Hardly these could be attributed to lack of my experience with VueScan,
VZ> which I admit.

Looks like misaligned scans.. Never saw such ghosts with my LS-30.

VZ> 2. Sometimes VueScan get into some strange state, when changing
VZ> settings does not seem to affect "Scan". Specifically, I was playing
VZ> with "image brightness" and "manual exposure". I got some very much
VZ> overexposed images and decided to reset these settings back. So I set
VZ> "brightness" to 1, and "Auto Exposure" on. Now I started to get
VZ> normally exposed "preview"s but SAME overexposed "scan from device"s.
VZ> UNTIL I've done "File->Save settings" and then "File->Load settings"
VZ> from the same file. Is there something that I'm missing here?

I ran into similar problems after heavy tweaking of these controls
during my the very first try of VueScan - I got negative' scans which
looked very underexposed.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find out how to reproduce it that time.

Does Brightness of 1 work just fine for slides in your case? Then it
seems that nominal Brightness for properly exposed film is a function
of film in use. Low speed positive films seems to require 1.4
brightness, but 1 is a good starting point for most negatives I tried.

VZ> As for autofocus: I expected to be able to set a point in a preview
VZ> window, indicating place I'm most interested be in focus. Is this
VZ> beyond scanners capabilities?

Don't know about Canoscan capabilities but with LS-30 you may turn off 
select area to focus with cropping frame at Preview tab and then use 

Best regards,


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