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filmscanners: VueScan 6.6.1 problems - long pass

I sent it yesterday, but it did not get to the list, so send it again,
and attachments in separate mail.

Hi, I just tried VueScan (with new Canoscan 2710), and I'm having some

1. Take a look at attached images, both saved at highest possible
quality in photoshop. Portion of a full frame, at 100%. Original is
Sensia 400, pushed to 800. "Media Type" set to "Image" - I understood
that's what recommended?

First one scanned with most of "auto" settings disabled (only auto exp.
on), one normal pass, one long. Second image is provided for reference
only, scanned with one normal pass only, and "clean" is enabled.

There are several problems here, easy noticable, I highlighted them.
Hardly these could be attributed to lack of my experience with VueScan,
which I admit.

I also do not send portion of image containing bright lamp against
night sky, which leaves fairly large (about 4x as big as a lamp itself)
trail as result of ccd blooming. That is certainly not good situation
for "long pass exposure", so I probably should not have tried scan this
slide with the option at all, but portion of image that I attached
should be fine, shouldn't it? 

2. Sometimes VueScan get into some strange state, when changing
settings does not seem to affect "Scan". Specifically, I was playing
with "image brightness" and "manual exposure". I got some very much
overexposed images and decided to reset these settings back. So I set
"brightness" to 1, and "Auto Exposure" on. Now I started to get
normally exposed "preview"s but SAME overexposed "scan from device"s.
UNTIL I've done "File->Save settings" and then "File->Load settings"
from the same file. Is there something that I'm missing here?

As for autofocus: I expected to be able to set a point in a preview
window, indicating place I'm most interested be in focus. Is this
beyond scanners capabilities?

Thanks in advance, if anyone would be able to help. 

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