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[filmscanners] Re: spam magnet

Thank you Tony for explaining why list member email addresses are
available -- it does make some sense for those who are willing to put
up with spam and its natural corollary, spam filters.

I will take some exception to your comment
"If you don't want to take any action against spammers but rely on
others doing stuff for you, you'd be best advised to stop using email
because spam is inevitable."

Your implication is that I am relying on others (including you) to do
stuff for me to avoid spam, while in fact you are doing stuff that
*exposes* me to spam. I am doing my bit by having multiple addresses
and abandoning those that have been outed -- which happens about once
every 18 months.

Spam is *not* inevitable -- I have been spam-free for over a year
until I posted on the filmscanners mail list. And with the exception
of the address I use for filmscanners, I am still spam free.

Just think, instead of clogging the Internet and my ISP with hundreds
of messages that will be thrown away by a spam blocker, I am able to
do my little bit to reduce spam by being invisible to spammers --
unless someone blows my cover.

Last I read spam accounts for the bulk of all email -- if we each do
our bit to reduce spam we can make email useful again and not tie up
so much computing power trying to identify and avoid it. Spam is a
scourge that impacts every part of the email chain, and from time to
time ISP mail servers buckle under the load.

Now that I know posting to the filmscanners list will expose my email
address, I'll take care to never post.

To everyone on the list, and especially Tony, thank you for the years
of information and support.

Tony said:
All I can do here is change the listmail headers so that only the
orginator's name appears in the 'from' field, not their email
This will of course make it impossible to send personal email to a
list member unless you already know their address, which is why I
haven't done it in the past. You lot can tell me which you'd prefer.

Most lists I am on (around 20) present the sender's email address for
exactly this reason. Prodig is the only one I can think of that does
not, and also bans email addresses from the message body. It's
limiting and annoying if you want to take a discussion off list.

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