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[filmscanners] Printing and color management


I just tought about writing down some thoughts about printing and color. 

Printers and monitors have different "gamuts" that is color ranges they can 
reproduce. Also monitors emit light, while prints reflect light. This basic 
differrence means that it is hard to compare colors on screen and paper.

As far as I can understand there are a couple of advantages of using managed 
color for nonprofessionals.

1) Consistency
2) Correct colors in images, not distorted by monitor settings

I'm using Picture Window Pro (www.dl-c.com) as image manipulation program, 
which gives me more setting than Adobe Photo Shop Elements. In PWP you can 
assign a proofing profile, so it can simulate what the picture will look like 
when printed. I won't say that this preview is entirely correct, but it 
certainly gives a hint of the cahnges introduced when printing. If using 
"lcms" color engine PWP will also be able to show which colors are out of 
gamut, this option is not available with the Windows color engine.

Here is what I'm doing when printing, on my Canon i9950.

1) Choose printer setting 
2) Go into manual
3) Leave everything as default (as I use original profiles)
4) In PWP:s printer dialog I set the printer profile that came with my printer 
for the paper I'm using.
5) Print

This works pretty good for me.



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