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[filmscanners] Re: not enough memory?


If you are going to be swapping images files with others or sending images
off to a printer, then the first thing you must do is profile/calibrate your
monitor. Otherwise what you see on your monitor will not be the same as what
anyone else will see with the same image. The Eyeone display unit or the
Colorvision spyder are both 'cheap' units for calibrating monitors. Then you
have to calibrate your printer to match your profiled monitor. That can
either be done by getting/making/buying printer profiles (but to use these
it seems you need full Photoshop or another cheaper package that handles
printer profiles. OR, you can do it the manual way by using the sliders in
Advanced page of the printer driver to make the prints more/less contrasty,
more/less bright, and more/less of r,g, or b. When you get the prints
matching your monitor, you save those printer settings for that paper.

If you are never going to swap image files, you don't have to profile your
monitor, you can simply alter the printer driver settings until the prints
match your monitor, and then save them. Making sure that you don't change
your monitor settings after this.

Bob Frost.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Berry Ives" <yvesberia@earthlink.net>

I am really pissed at how hard it is to do just this simple thing:

-using a Mac G4 with adequate memory
-using a Mac flat panel monitor
-using PS Elements
-using an Epson 2200
-using a standard Epson paper

to make the image on the screen match the printed image.  Now, is that so

All of that, one would think, would have been easily automated by now.  But
instead, I am asked to buy $600 software from Adobe, or a few hundred to
develop custom profiles (for standard products) or various and other sundry
gyrations.  You know, I am a photo artist, not a GD computer jock, and
frankly, all the computereze stuff bores me to hell.

Sorry to dump, but why is this so hard?  I don't even know really if buying
the full PS will solve this simple task.  What do you think?

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