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[filmscanners] Re: FW: VueScan file size


Nearly correct!!

Little 'm' stands for milli (one thousandth of); big 'M' stands for mega
(one million times). So 1 Mb = 1000 Kb = 1 000 000 bits. Don't think it
matters whether kilo (one thousand times) is represented by k or K.

Big 'B' stands for bytes, and little 'b' for bits, with 8 bits to a byte
(usually). So 1 KB is not the same a 1 Kb, and 100 MB is not the same as

So strictly speaking, your 119.9mb means 119.9 thousands of a bit, and since
a bit is indivisible, that obviously doesn't make sense. Whereas 119.9 MB
means 119.9 megabytes (million bytes), and 119.9 Mb means 119.9 megabits.

Abbreviations often cause problems, so 'If in doubt, write it out' is a good
maxim to follow.

Bob Frost.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Thomas Maugham" <TMaugham@yahoo.com>

Sorry, that should read "119,885kb or 119.9mb".

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