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[filmscanners] Re: Digital for magazine publication?

There is "some" truth to that, but not much.  It is almost as easy to
look at a screen image off a CD, not have to handle the film, not have
to use a loupe (just zoom in), and even be able to get the image via a
15 minute or less upload, be able to do sizing, touch up or compositing
directly from the file, etc.

I find that the big problem with digital for magazines and such is that
they aren't well enough informed and trained in working with digital,
and they are afraid of it.  They think it means the "color might not
come out correctly", which, of course is true if they have no clue about
color management.  But the truth is almost all magazines are digitally
scanned to print these days.  In fact, many multinational mags are sent
as purely digital files to printers in other parts of the world for
localized printing and distribution.

Very simply, if digital really was the problem these art directors
claimed, whose buying all those royalty free photo CDs for hundreds of
dollars each?  How is Photodisk and the like remaining in business? Some
of those disks make for some pretty expensive computer monitor
wallpaper, and they'd also be pretty boring to look at.

We are in a transition period right now.  In 5 years or so, as the next
generation of ADs come out of training (who have been almost fully
trained on computers and digital) they'll be annoyed if you send a
fragile little slide which they have to go to the light table to look at
through a loupe!


charles.dive@ecoeco.co.uk wrote:

>>From the Re:  Filmscanners - is this about as goodasitgets?
>>Conversion to slides via a film recorder is also
>>pricy, not very good from what I hear, and backwards looking.
> If one is supplying magazines or maybe newspapers as a freelance how many 
>want to
> accept digital and how are you presenting them?
> Some of the ones I've talked with don't want digital as they are not as 
>convenient to
> quickly look at and select as compared to slides on a light box.  This was in 
>relation to
> submitting freelanced travel and underwater articles with accompanying 
> They also seem wary of reproduction quality at the moment.

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