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[filmscanners] How to label CD backups

Does anyone have an evidence-based idea of what is allowable and what is
not when it comes to labelling CDs used for backing up my images?

Generally stick-on labels are frowned upon for long term storage, and also
tends to take too long. This leaves writing on the CD with a pen.

The information I have found is contradictory - see below - some saying
water-based felt pen, others oil based, or to use alcohol based but not
solvent based...  What is alcohol of it is not a solvent?

I have not found any pens specifically for the purpose here, and I do want
to write on more than the center clear area.  Everyone agrees you should
only use felt-tipped, but WHICH felt-tipped?

Any ideas?


A perfectionst such as found at Media Sciences will tell you that you
should only write on the clear, inner ring of a disc; that any inscription
on the working surface increases error rate. No doubt, they're correct.

By now, this is easy, right? You want a soft-tipped pen with water-soluble
ink for complete safety. The TDK version is available from several
suppliers of bulk discs for about $3; Apogee has another at a similar
price. An art supply store can probably provide you with a range of
altenatives in various colors and line widths.

3. When writing titles and other information on the label (gold) side of
the disc, these should be written in the printed area using an oil-based
felt-tipped pen.


Other brands say "use a permanent felt-tipped pen" or words to the effect
that the ink shouldn't smudge. ...
There are pens recommended specifically for writing on CD-Rs. Examples
include the Dixon Ticonderoga "Redi Sharp Plus", the Sanford "Powermark",
TDK "CD Writer", and Smart and Friendly "CD Speed Marker". Some of these
are relabeled Staedtler Lumocolor transparency markers (#317-9), which are
alcohol-based. Never use a solvent-based "permanent" marker on a CD-R -- it
can eat through the lacquer coat and destroy the disc.

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