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[filmscanners] ADMIN: was RE: Density vs Dynamic range>AUSTIN (2a) - To the MODERATOR

On Thu, 20 Jun 2002 05:12:58 +0200  Alex Zabrovsky (alexz@zoran.co.il)

> Austin and Isidoro, thanks for your support of my point of view, but I
> see
> this thread isn't going to be shut down. I wonder where is our Moderator
> disappeared.
> A while ago I accidently raised up some issue doesn't related to the List
> topic just by one email and was almost trashed by the Moderator, but in
> this
> case, spoiling the List's bandwidth heavily almost nobody cares.

The moderator is up to his neck in real-life problems right now. When under
pressure, which has been considerable lately, list admin has to take
priority over participating here usefully. I got 3hrs sleep last night, so
please excuse the rather ratty following response:-

Look, mailing lists are very simple:

- world-class pedantry, circular quibbling over terminology, and simply
being crushingly boring are not against the rules of this forum because
someone (me, probably) would have to make an editorial decision about every
single message. Which would generate howls of 'censorship!' and 'hey, I was
interested in that', and I'd be rightly criticised. I don't have the time

- where a thread descends into abuse or hatred, I will put a stop to it
immediately. But I can't invigilate against what I might consider egotism
or self-indulgence, especially when on-topic. People are grown-up enough to
formulate their own opinions, and make their own decisions about what to

- even the most tedious thread has a finite lifespan. It will go away if
and when people start ignoring it. Starting several new OT threads is less
effective than (as a few sensible people have) mailing me personally
off-list. This gives me a chance to measure disaffection. And please guard
against the 'must have the last word' syndrome - it doesn't matter who

- the solution to lack of content you find interesting is to ask the
questions you want answered, raise the points you want discussed

- as the driver of your own email software, you can far better than I can
whether or not to read or delete or ignore anything that doesn't interest

- I am not preventing anyone from leaving this list. As far as I knew
(until as posted here yesterday) the listserver was correctly processing
unsubscribe mails. I now have more work to do trying to trace whatever
malfunction caused the server to deny the list existed. Since 14/6 to 19/6
it processed 2 subscribes and 6 unsubscribes correctly, so it may have been
some transient error. But if anyone wants to leave and finds they cannot,
please mail me personally - tonysleep@halftone.co.uk and I will remove you

- Finally, can I ask the posters to the Density vs Dynamic range thread to
please wind it up within 48hrs, unless there is something fresh to be said.

And please can we end this discussion here too.


Tony Sleep
http://www.halftone.co.uk - Online portfolio & exhibit; + film scanner info
& comparisons
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