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[filmscanners] Umax Powerleap 270Plus


Anyone know whether the Umax Powerleap 270 Plus is simply a re-badged Acer/Benq 
Scanwit 2740S or whether the firmware or hardware has been tweaked at all?  I 
kmow that manufacturers' Dmax claims are often dubious but the Acer/Benq 
webpage for the 2740S quotes a Dmax of 3.2 whereas the Umax page quotes 3.4.

Also from the Umax page (and the recent Amateur Photographer review), it seems 
the 270Plus can do multisampling, presumably in a single pass.  Nothing on the 
Scanwit page suggests it can do this.

Given the pricing here in the UK, it will be marginally more expensive than 
either the Minolta Scan Elite II or the Nikon LS-40.  I know that it does come 
bundled with Silverfast but I don't think that alone would give it an advantage 
unless the hardware performed at least as well as either of these.

Anyone heard anything else about this scanner?  I think I've convinced myself I 
need a 4000dpi scanner but it's always good to know what's on the market!

Al Bond

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