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[filmscanners] Back to scanning, finally - and happy with Nikon LS-40 and Vuescan!

  • To: lexa@www.lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] Back to scanning, finally - and happy with Nikon LS-40 and Vuescan!
  • From: "Ralf Schmode" <rschmode@gmx.net>
  • Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 23:21:49 +0100
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Hi everybody,

after the hassle with two Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II units I had to
return because they showed obvious banding, I just wanted to announce
I'm happily back into scanning. I had an option to pick a Nikon LS-40
instead of another Scan Elite II, and the Nikon was delivered yesterday.
Because I felt the user interface had become worse instead of better, I
tried my luck with Vuescan again (my results withe the LS-30 were rather
poor) and it seems to work for me now! Judging from the first test
scans, this combo produces excellent overall sharpness while color
fidelity still leaves a bit more to be tweaked after scanning in
comparison to Nikon Scan. As to the often mentioned DOF problems, I
still have to meet them for the first time - I haven't seen any scan
with the new unit display DOF problems which is probably because my
films are stored "flat" (in paper sleeves) and I use the film strip
holder rather than the mechanical film strip feeder.

I am absolutely satisfied with the Nikon's performance. The only water
in the wine is that I could have gotten all this six weeks earlier,
hadn't I fallen for the marketing hype on the Minolta Dimage Scan Elite
II. I have yet to see a Minolta unit that doesn't exhibit lines or
banding, and besides I am still waiting for a reaction of them as to the
trouble I had with mine.

BTW, you can find some of my first LS-40 scans at

http://www.schmode.net/jaguar002.htm and

Best regards -


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