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[filmscanners] Re: Nikon 4000ED

>o Doesn't the bulk slide feeder cost an extra $500?

Yes, but for me it's more than worth it if it works. It's a
production flow/time saving issue. Essentially I want to shove 50
slides into the scanner in the evening, go drink a lot of beer, fall
asleep, and wake up in the morning to 50 scans. I'm tired of nursing
the Polaroid, nice though the results are.

>o Edge softness on cardboard mounted, 20 year old Kodachromes can be
>so bad that my 2,300 dpi filmscanner is sharper across the slide than
>my Nikon is in the fuzzy areas.  For some slides I've tested this
>remains true event if you manually set the focus point halfway
>between the extremes of the curvature.

Ouch, horrible! Have you tried remounting the K/chromes in decent
plastic mounts, like Gepe? I've had to do that with pictures where
the original mount is damaged. The advantage - apart from flatness -
is that Gepe mounts show more of the image; K/chrome mounts crop in
further. The disadvantage is that you will find lots of crud left
over from the original mount around the newly revealed edges of the
image. Sigh...

>o Haven't done enough scanning of negs to have data re. curvature
>with the negative holders.
>o I use the NikonScan 3.1 software as a Photoshop plug-in, and for
>the most part it works just fine.

I've read accusations of something referred to as "jaggies" with
Nikon softeare. Are you saying this has now been fixed?

>o On color negs, any slight surface scratches on the non-emulsion
>side of the film base will be turned into huge white gashes in the
>scan.  Digitial ICE does an amazing job of removing nearly all
>evidence of these, but takes a loooong time and "shouldn't" be
>necessary in the first place.

Ouch again! I assume that the scratches are being emphasised by the
Nikon light source, which seems to be different from other scanners.
How much longer does digital ICE take really? I'm assuming that if I
just leave the scanner to work overnight that won't matter, unless it
takes a very long time! By the way, am I correct in assuming the
digital ICE doesn't work on K/chromes?

Many thanks for your advice.

Jeremy Nicholl

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