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Re: filmscanners: VueScan Histogram

On 12/16/01 4:19 PM, David Gordon <mail@davidgordon.co.uk>, wrote:

>Julian Vrieslander [julianv@mindspring.com] wrote on Sun, 16 Dec
>2001 12:31:34 -0500
>>Maybe you are running on a PC and using sRGB as your color space.  If so, 
>>a color managed display is less important.
>An outrageous suggestion, you shall be hearing from my lawyers in the
>morning... ;)

No problem.  The white box on the porch is for subpoenas, the red box is 
for injunctions, the blue box is for arrest and search warrants.

>>I run on a Mac with a gamma 
>>1.8 monitor, and I prefer to use Adobe RGB as my color space.
>Me to!
>> With 
>>VueScan set to Adobe RGB, images appear very different than how they 
>>appear in Photoshop: the VueScan version is very flat and desaturated.
>You seem to have a roundabout way of getting the file into Photoshop! How
>are your ColorSync settings? I too am using Adobe RBB (1998), when I've
>finnished fiddling in Vuescan the final preview looks the same as the
>file when opened in PS. 

Do you mean the settings in the ColorSync control panel?  I don't see 
that they have much to do with this.  My monitor is profiled (formerly 
with Adobe Gamma, now with a Colorvision Spyder), and the correct profile 
is selected in ColorSync CP.  Once my scans are in Photoshop 6, my 
workflow is color managed, including screen displays, file writes, and 
prints on an Epson 1280.

Why do I set VueScan to use Apple RGB color space (with 1.8 gamma)?  
Because this provides the most accurate rendition of image brightness and 
saturation on a non-color-managed Mac application driving a 1.8 gamma, 
6500K monitor.  VueScan's default color space (sRGB) does not match my 
monitor setup and renders the image too dark.  Using Adobe RGB in VueScan 
makes the image look washed out and desaturated.

I switch VueScan to Adobe RGB (and 2.2 gamma) only when I have finished 
my adjustments in the color and filter tabs, and before writing the TIF 
file.  When I open the TIF file in Photoshop, its calibrated displays 
show the image with approximately correct saturation and contrast.  It's 
not a perfect match to the appearance i saw in VueScan, using Apple RGB, 
because VueScan was not using my monitor profile.

Are you claiming that your scans look the same in VueScan and Photoshop 
with both configured for Adobe RGB?  When I compare those displays, the 
difference is huge and unmistakable.  If I adjust the image to look 
correct in VueScan under Adobe RGB, it looks totally wrong in Photoshop.  
I can only think of one possible explanation.  Are you using Photoshop 5 
or 5.5, with "Display using monitor calibration" disabled in the prefs?  
If so, you have monitor color management disabled, and I would expect the 
Photoshop and VueScan displays to look similar.  

Julian Vrieslander <mailto:julianv@mindspring.com>


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