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Re: filmscanners: VueScan Histogram

I would second Julian's comments - expecially the part about leaving the 
histograms in view for the Preview Memory function - that's the first thing 
I tried to do and was a little frustrated by not being able to see what 
happened until I had hit the tab again.  Ideally leave the old histo there 
until the moment that it changes - then when we see the actual 'switch' 
take place I think we will quickly get the hang of the relationship between 
the numbers and the graph.

mark t

PS - I find it hard to believe we are all sitting here having our 
needs/wants met by a software developer, often in hours, let alone months 
or years..  Ed, I hope you never learn the 'normal' way to develop 
software...  :-)

Julian wrote:
>Looks good so far, Ed.  I like the layout, with the combined histo on
>top, and the RGB histos superimposed.
>I'm sure there will be a raging torrent of suggestions on more gongs and
>whistles to add.  I would like to see some way of connecting the
>histograms to the numbers entered in the WP, BP, and gamma settings, but
>I am not sure about the best way to do this.
>Here's one request that I think makes sense, and which would be easy to
>implement.  If the user is viewing the Prev Hist tab and then executes a
>Preview or Prev Mem, leave the Prev Hist tab in front, rather than
>switching to the Preview tab.  Chances are, the user wants to see the
>effects of the new scan on the histogram.  Similarly, if Scan Hist is in
>front, leave it in front if the user does a Scan or Scan Mem.  My own
>preference would be for disabling automatic flipping of the display and
>histo tabs altogether, and let me choose when to flip them.


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