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Re: filmscanners: VueScan Histogram

Looks good so far, Ed.  I like the layout, with the combined histo on 
top, and the RGB histos superimposed.

I'm sure there will be a raging torrent of suggestions on more gongs and 
whistles to add.  I would like to see some way of connecting the 
histograms to the numbers entered in the WP, BP, and gamma settings, but 
I am not sure about the best way to do this.  I like the way it is done 
in Nikon Scan, with sliders, numeric fields, and a button to toggle 
between before/after histos.  But that's a bit complex.

BTW, in my neck of the woods "slider" is the term we use to decribe 
greasy hamburgers.

Here's one request that I think makes sense, and which would be easy to 
implement.  If the user is viewing the Prev Hist tab and then executes a 
Preview or Prev Mem, leave the Prev Hist tab in front, rather than 
switching to the Preview tab.  Chances are, the user wants to see the 
effects of the new scan on the histogram.  Similarly, if Scan Hist is in 
front, leave it in front if the user does a Scan or Scan Mem.  My own 
preference would be for disabling automatic flipping of the display and 
histo tabs altogether, and let me choose when to flip them.

Julian Vrieslander <mailto:julianv@mindspring.com>


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