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filmscanners: Size reduction for raw scans?

I've followed this group for some time and is very impressed with
Ed Hamrick's response time! :-)

Therefore, I would like to request for my "favourite" feature:
support for size reduction for raw scans. But before that, I'll
like to know the general opinion of this.

I have a LS-30, so it can scan max. 2700 dpi. However, I rarely
do so due to the huge output files -- 20+ MB; puny perhaps, but
I'm a low-end user :-). I usually scan at 1350 dpi which produces
a more managable 8 MB files.

Browsing the help, it says when scanning at lower resolutions, I
can get better results by scanning at a higher resolution and
using filter->size reduction. In other words, rather than scanning
at 1350 dpi, I should scan at 2700 dpi and use size reduction 2.

This works for normal scans, but it doesn't work for raw scans.
*hint* *hint* :-)

I suppose that even when I get a 4000 dpi scanner and only want
low resolution output, I would opt for 1000 dpi or 2000 dpi
scans, so this feature still comes in useful. I don't need 4000
dpi, with its associated costs, all the time.

(void *) &NHY;

*  That's all, folks!  *


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