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filmscanners: FW: SilverFast Free Update for 5.5 Users!

For all you Silverfast users.
-----Original Message-----
From:   LaserSoft Imaging [mailto:releases@silverfast.com] 
Sent:   Friday, December 15, 2000 6:42 AM
To:     Customer
Subject:        SilverFast Free Update for 5.5 Users!

LaserSoft Imaging proudly announces a FREE upgrade for SilverFast v5.5
Version 5.5 users, click here for more info:
Not a SilverFast v5.5 user yet? Please click here: 

Version 5.5.1 of SilverFast features HiRePP. See the press release below for
more info:
LaserSoft Imaging releases SilverFast HiRePP - Unique productivity with
SilverFast Ai and HDR enable fastest image loading and processing for large
image files.
Kiel, Germany, 5th December 2001
HiRePP is the new "High Resolution Picture Performance" procedure inside
SilverFast bringing extraodinary productivity to processing large high
resolution images. HiRePP is working in conjunction with SilverFast Ai
saving raw data (48 bit) and with SilverFast HDR, opening and processing the
raw data previously saved. For instance, loading a 500 MB image file into
Photoshop takes approximately 3 Minutes with a fast computer. With
SilverFast HDR and HiRePP it takes only about 1 Second. The processing time
of multiple large image data files add up with Photoshop or other imaging
applications. With SilverFast and its unique Preview concept processing
takes place in real-time. The final processing of all corrections merely
takes up a fraction of the overall processing steps and can be run
automatically using the SilverFast JobManager.
HiRePP represents a real break-through when processing lots of large
images. A 500 MB image file takes roughly 20 Minutes to go through the
required optimization steps in Photoshop while SilverFast HDR with HiRePP
only needs 4 Minutes.
LaserSoft Imaging AG is the developer of the imaging software SilverFast Ai
for scanners, SilverFast HDR for raw data processing, SilverFast DC for
digital cameras and SilverFast PhotoCD for processing of Kodak's PhotoCD
SilverFast Ai is bundled world-wide with major manufacturers such as Epson,
Kodak, Polaroid, Umax, PIE, PFU, Leica Camera and others.
LaserSoft Imaging AG
Luisenweg 8 24105
Kiel Germany
Phone 0431-56009-0
Fax 0431-56009-99



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