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RE: filmscanners:minolta and med format

First it is not the "Dimage Scan II" that scans medium format but the Dimage
Scan Multi, the Dimage Scan Multi II, and the Dimage Scan Multi Pro which
scan medium format films.  Minolta's model naming system can get very
confusing with like sounding and looking names.  The Dimage Scan II, I
believe, is one of their 35mm film scanner models.

Second, on the scanners that you are referring too, the Minolta scanner
software DOES NOT provide segment stitching features; you have to do this
manually in a program like Photoshop or by means of some "automated
stitching" third party software.

Moreover, the ability to scan 1/3 sections of the film at the full optical
35mm resolution is not a hardware feature of the named Minolta medium format
scanner but a function of a combination scanner software and hardware film
holder. If you use the two with any of the three medium format models you
can scan a medium format frame in sections at the scanners full 35mm optical
resolution; it is not peculiar or unique to any of the medium format models
of scanner offered by Minolta.  What is unique to the hardware of the newest
medium format Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro model is that it has a hardware
infrared channel which allows for a dICE feature which the two earlier
Dimage Scan Multi models did not have.

As for "Does/will this work as well as scanning the entire image?", one has
to answer tentatively yes but it is a time consuming pain in the butt to
work in sections and then to stitch them together as opposed to doing a high
optical scan of the entire frame.  Between each of the three sectional
scans, one has to take out the film holder and rearrange the film in it so
as to relocate a new section in the proper orientation in the proper
location within the universal film holder.

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Subject: Re: filmscanners:minolta and med format

  does anyone have any experience or advise re. using the Minolta
medium format scanner(dimage Scan II) and their stiching software.
??I understand these med format scanners scan 35mm portions of the
120 and "stitch" the scans together,Does/will this work as well as
scanning the entire image?


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