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Re: filmscanners: Re: Polaroid SS4000

Thank you, Pat.

You're right regarding the SCSI BIOS message on boot. I called Adaptec and 
the tech guy got me into the utility program to rid myself of this 
nuisance--I didn't mind the message so much as I knew that wasn't the 
problem (my scanner worked perfectly in Win98 SE) but it seemed to hang up 
the OS installation for a short time.

Anyway, my scanner works again. Two changes: the SCSI card wasn't 
recognizing it internally, probably due to an ASPI layer issue (this is not 
supported in 2000/XP I'm told). Curiously, the Adaptec fellow sent me back 
to Polaroid for a fix on this, whereupon Polaroid told me the patch already 
existed over on the Adaptec site. I loved that.

No matter, as I was able to get the SCSI card to recognize the scanner 
correctly by simply using Insight's Driver IO Utility and toggling that 
from ASPI to STI.

It's also possible that part of my problem revolves around my installation 
of XP on top of Win98 SE. I intend to reformat my drive and do a clean 
install of XP, but I'd prefer to wait until early next week when I have a 
couple of weekdays off with peace and quiet and no time pressure--plus 
better phone support from companies like Adaptec should that prove 
necessary (knock on wood).

Does anyone know of decent tutorial for SilverFast? That looks to be a 
superior scanning program, but I can't make heads or tails of the copy that 
shipped with my SS4000--the documentation's slim.


>  sounds like the scanner isn't being recognized during the boot process.
>The SCSI bios not found message just means that the bootstrap enabling bios
>isn't on your scsi card (or not enabled in the scsi card's setup). It
>shouldn't prevent the scsi card from working. During the DOS portion of your
>PC's boot process, does the scsi card announce the presence of the scanner?
>If not, it might be a termination problem. It might also be something as
>prosaic as the scanner not being powered up when booting. This is a deal
>breaker with scsi under NT/2K/XP.


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