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RE: filmscanners: X-ray scanners/etc

> Fed-X apparently no longer guarantees x-ray free travel for film, either.

That maybe because Fed-X has an arrangement with the US Postal Service
whereby it carries all the USPS's airmail (which is virtually all the USPS
mail) from destination to destination; thus, they are obliged to impose the
same security measures the USPS requires and imposes including x-ray and
soon possibly irradiation of the shipped items.  While this is true for the
US; I would not be a bit surprises to find them instituting it world-wide
for reasons of uniformity of operations and cost savings on volume
purchasing of the security devices and standardization of procedures.

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At 02:54 PM 11/25/01, Doug Segar wrote:
>Since the Administrator has issued no such notice regarding the hand
>checking film provision, the rule does apply WITHOUT exception.

It is in no way clear that the Administrator has not done this.  It is
difficult to find information on where the changes in security are being
issued from.  For example, the FAA says that they (not the airlines) are
now restricting the number of bags, but try and find a government order on
that.  I'm not sure where the provision for constant random baggage checks
is that now occur, either.

However, my posting was still just to demonstrate that the public does not
have an irrevocable right (under the law) to have film hand-checked, and
that point stands.

In Mexico, my extra camera batteries were taken away at screening.  I was
told they should have been in my checked baggage.  It's not really safe to
assume anything these days.  Fed-X apparently no longer guarantees x-ray
free travel for film, either.

Jeff Spirer
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