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Re: filmscanners: VueScan cropping

Mark Otway wrote:

>>>You sometimes need to adjust the "Device|Frame offset" 
>>>option with the LS-40 and LS-4000, especially if there's a 
>>>bit of film leader.
> I've tried that. It works, but it's not consistent between film strips -
> meaning I'd have to manually check it for each film strip I put in,
> which drastically slows down the workflow.
>>>NikonScan does a prescan on the image 
>>>and finds the beginning of the frame, 
>>>but VueScan doesn't.
> Would it be possible to add this as a future enhancement (coming, as it
> does, from a fully paid-up registered user)? :-D
> Even if VS did just one pre-scan per strip so that the frame offset was
> automatically set that would be superb. Alternatively, I wouldn't mind
> waiting whilst each frame was previewed in order to precisely place the
> crop each time. It would mean that once I'd set the exposure and so on
> for the first strip in a film, all of the following strips could then be
> perfectly scanned without any intervention from me, other than inserting
> the next strip - dramatically improving the workflow...

If we are voting ;), this is something that would get my vote
as well.  Would this work for my acient LS30 do you think?

Most of the time my workflow is the same as yours, I'd really like
to be able to just adjust once and then "fire and forget" the rest.

Thanks Ed for a great (and inexpensive!) piece of software!



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