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Re: filmscanners: Best solution for HD and images

> You should know that not only do striped disks reduce reliability and
> increase risk but they also increase severity.
> i.e. any one drive of a multiple striped drive set failing WILL lose ALL
> your data.
> You should only use this arrangement where you keep very regular backups,
> you use it largely as a scratch area or you can relatively easily recreate
> the data.

The increased performance benefits of a simple two drive Raid 0 array are
very significant, in that one can usually expect the disk performance to
double. This is a huge benefit to anyone working with large files, as would
be most readers of this list.

You'll lose all of your data whether a standalone drive or an array drive
fails. It makes good sense to perform regular backups, regardless of the
nature of the disk subsystem.

Practically speaking, today's drives are quite reliable. You make it sound
like a person is treading dangerous ground by running a striped array, which
isn't the case at all. I'd agree that multiple drives do increase the odds
of drive failure, but these days even IDE drives have a MTBF rating of
200,000 hrs, which is over 20 years of service life.


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