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RE: filmscanners: Quick / Quality Scans - Help

From: Tom Scales [mailto:tscales@attglobal.net]

I happened to do Soccer, but with the same goal in mind.

Isn't it a wider and taller goal?  couldn't resist ;)

Have you looked as some sites that specialize in this? I frequently use
Signature Color http://www.signaturecolor.com/home/, a lab here in Austin
that is primarily mail order from across the country and world. They will
process your film, scan your film to their website and send you prints and a
CD. They are only 1536 by 1024 at this time, but they may be upgrading to
2000 by 3000 soon.

They will also upload your images to the Club Photo site
http://www.clubphoto.com/ where there is a Pro-Photography section. Here you
can name your price and every time a customer orders a picture you get the
difference between their price and the price you name. Also, you can upload
your own high-res scanned images to the site.

You decide which images go into an album and which don't (you can create an
album for each game for instance). Each album can have a password, so each
team could access their albums, but other teams couldn't.

Feel free to contact me off-list for more information.

Jack Phipps
Applied Science Fiction

From: <GNUNEMAKER@aol.com>

> Fairly new with a film scanner.  Have Polaroid 4000 and using Polarcolor
> Photoshop 6.0 at present - Silverfast later.
> Situation, I shoot kids ice hockey each weekend (Nikon F5 & 300/2.8) for
> team.  Want to scan photos to zip and display on laptop at rink for
> to see and then buy those that they like, which I will then rescan at
> resolution and correct.
> What is the quickest method to accomplish this?  In addition, we manage
> kids web site and would like to be able to transfer this first scan down
> web-ready image.
> Have several hundred photos to handle and need the most effective method.
> Any and all suggestions are welcome.
> Thanks - From an overworked volunteer parent!


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