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Re: filmscanners: noise

If it's showing up in the shadows of a positive (Velvia slide), it *is* noise 
and not grain.  Noise shows up in areas of extreme density, the shadow areas of 
slides, and the highlight areas of negatives.

All scanners do this to a certain extent, but the high end ones to a lesser 
degree.  Unfortunately the price of those higher end models probably *start* at 
the $13K range, and go up from there (way up)!  I know, I've been 'shopping' 
for an
affordable one recently.

The most cost effective solution I have come up with so far, seems to be a 
refurbished Howtek drum scanner at around $7K, but I'm not that sure about how 
good the noise reduction would be. (BTW: one of the reasons that I've been 
looking at
these is the need to scan 4x5 as well.)

Harvey Ferdschneider
partner, SKID Photography, NYC

> The "dandruff" could be noise but it is more likely film grain - it is 
>generally most noticeable in areas of similar color such as skies.  If it is 
>grain, upgrading will not help, but Vuescan's grain reduction filter should - 
>try it and see.
> <snip>

> Maris
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Ken Durling" <kdurling@earthlink.net>


> | But the question has to do with shadow noise, especially on Velvia
> | slides.  Since I'm new to "high res" scanning, I'm not entirely sure
> | what I'm looking for.  On some slides that I scan that have large
> | areas of shadow, I see something that looks like dandruff scattered
> | more or less evenly across the area.  Is that what shadow noise looks
> | like?  Are there various forms of it?


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