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RE: filmscanners: Announcements for SS4000+

David, All:
        I posted a message a few weeks ago asking if any public 
information is available from scanner manufacturers about whether 
they will be supporting Mac OS X in their scanner software.
        While we can boot into OS 9, the shift to the new UNIX-based 
OS X is rapidly taking place with the release of 10.1.  MacWorld says 
they will only be reviewing OS X software products in 2002.
        Can anyone say whether Polaroid, Nikon, Canon, Minolta will 
be supporting OS X with their scanner software.  I realize that 
sometimes competition makes plans proprietary, but now many 
manufacturers are releasing OS X compatibility statements (though 
some fudge and say it is compatible in Classic (OS 9 running under OS 
        Thanks for the informative posts.

At 6:34 PM -0400 10/7/01, Hemingway, David J wrote:
>I was using OD and dynamic range interchangeably.
>Polaroid has recently applied for patents on  new software based dust and
>scratch technology that you will be hearing more about soon. There will be
>no hardware involved, the removal part of the technology only works on the
>area of the dust particle and the user has some control over that area. It
>is currently standalone but could be embedded or written as a plugin.



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