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filmscanners: Photoshop 6.0.1 Colour management with VUESCAN 7.1.9

Hello All,
This is my first post to the list, though I've been lurking and learning for a while now. 
I am having an awful time trying to get a WYSIWYG setup after upgrading from PS5.5 to 6.0.1 and upgrading my monitor and video card. I hope somebody out there can help me.
I'm scanning Kodak Elitechrome 200 using Vuescan 7.1.9 and an Acer scanwit2720.  All was fine under PS5.5 but now I can't get a match between the scanned image as it appears in the vuescan scan window (which is a fair approximation of the colour balance of the slide) and the image I see in photoshop. One clue may be that when I softproof the PS image using my monitor profile I suddenly get a reasonable colour balance that matches the vuescan Scan window pretty closely.  Switching back to RGB (Adobe,1998), gives a horrid colour shift of the yellows (e.g. dry grass in a landscape) in the image towards red, but leaves the blues and greens pretty much alone.
I figured that I may have a problem with the ICC profile I made with Adobe Gamma, but no matter how I tweak it I don't get anywhere near a situation where switching from soft proof (monitor) to RGB gives no colour shift.  I don't think the problem is the video card (GeForce 3) as I've disabled gamma correction from display settings.  That leaves the monitor, I suppose ( a Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 92) which although giving a nice sharp flat picture has been a pain to set up in  Adobe gamma.  I have so far tried reducing the colour temp to 5600K and using the same methods I employed with Adobe Gamma for PS5.5 I increased contrast to 100% and reduced brightness but here even at 0% brightness The middle box is still quite visible (also the white appears a little dirty at 5600K but this may be me being used to 9200K?).  Squinting at the gamma boxes follows the usual pattern. 
One final trick I tried in PS that seems to work (but I'm sure is not a good Idea) was to output from vuescan without a profile then open in PS and force my monitor profile on the image [with convert to working space after ticked] and that seems to do the trick.  The image in PS looks like the image in VueScan but this must be a bad idea I feel.
Any help at all would be much appreciated.
In Frustration and wondering if the upgrade was worth it
Mark Blades


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