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My response to Rob Geraghty's comments on the Nikon SA-20 strip film adapter:

> Did the focus using the film strip adapter vary depending on where you were
> in the strip?

Yes. Curl in the film (transverse and longitudinal) can throw some parts of the
image outside the zone of sharp focus. The more curl, the more problem. This can
be compounded by the adapter not holding the film parallel to the plane of
focus -- Julian's scanner was seriously mis-aligned, mine's not too bad.

> <snip>
> If you look at the internals of the film strip adapter, the first frame
> is curled internally in the adapter by the time you get to frame four.
> So this may tend to curl the film more.  The adapter pulls the film all
> the way in when you insert the strip to count the frames, so hesitating
> too long before scanning frame one will curl it before you begin.  I've
> never tried 6 frame strips, but the curl would be worse.

I think the Nikon LS-4000 allows the film strip to feed right through the
scanner and out the back, rather than rolling it up in a tight little roll. It
should be less susceptible to this problem. Anyone using one of these care to do
the tests? Here's the web page with the instructions again:

Peter Marquis-Kyle


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