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Re: filmscanners: Slightly OT -- Apple Studio Monitor Brightness

> Yes, so you'd think.  But the manual is entirely innocent of any
> instructions on adjusting brightness, and the monitor itself has no sliders
> or knobs, just a button depicting what appears to be a "brightness" logo (a
> sun with rays extending outward), but which, when pressed summons a contrast
> but no brightness control.  Surely there are Mac-ers on this list.  Or is
> there another forum to which I should take this question?


What model is the monitor?

If its the 21" Apple Studio Display be sure that the USB plug from the
monitor is attached to the Mac. If it isn't you'll lose all options in the
monitor control panel.

If it's the 17" Apple Studio Display then its a self calibrating monitor,
believe it or not. I have one and it regularly asks me if I want to
recalibrate. There is no brightness control only a contrast slider. To
calibrate select the Colour option in the monitors control panel.

Mail me if you have any more questions and I'll try to help




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