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Re: filmscanners: Mr. Impatient - Me! <G>

I knew I'd seen this b4-it was posted on the 14th August . Message server 
flipped again :-))

At 18:58 14/08/01 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>What do I do? I've been waiting over 2 months now for my LS4000 only to be
>told each week, it will be here next week. *sigh* I rang Nikon UK today to
>be told that 'oh yes we won't have any more of those for another month or
>so'. They certainly don't seem to care much about their customers! Hmm I
>wonder if the purchaser be should be told before he hands over 1300 GBP that
>it's going to take 3 months to deliver. Naahhh.. ;)
>OK rant over <G>. So what do I do, do I cancel my order and take a look at
>the competition - BTW what competition should I look at? is there any that
>match or exceed for similar money? - or is it worth the wait, ie stick it
>out no matter how bad the customer service is. Grr. ;) I am looking to go
>medium format shortly so maybe this is a good chance to consider another
>alternative, unfortunately price might prevent me there. Opinions please! :)
>Portsmouth, UK


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