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Re: filmscanners: Mr. Impatient - Me! <G>


Perhaps it works much differently in the UK, but here in the "colonies" I
sought out a small, but reputable, professional camera dealer who had a list
for people waiting to receive the LS-4000.  I gave him no money until the
day I picked up my scanner.  He only receives a few each month, but, because
he was a small dealer, his waiting list wasn't very long either.  Right now
his list has five people on it and he receives 3 units per month, regularly.

Perhaps you should check with some other Nikon dealers to see how many they
are allotted every month and how long their waiting list is.  I would get on
other waiting lists, perhaps in other countries if the problem is Nikon UK.
But then you may have warranty issues.  (Although with Nikon we all have
warranty issues).  I would definitely get my money back, but then I'm one of
those rude and arrogant US citizens who can't even remember that there is
more than country in America.  ("I'm an American" is such an offensive
phrase to Canadians and Mexicans, isn't it ?). You may be more of a

As far as other scanners go, the Polaroid SS4000 is great, if you don't need
Digital Ice or hassle free film handling.  If you do, then wait for the
Nikon.  I've had both. I ordered my LS-4000 in January.  I was second on the
list.  it arrived in March but the roll film adapter wasn't available until
June so I waited until June to take delivery.  It was worth the wait.  On
the other hand, I think Nikon customer/warranty service is an outrageous
joke which leaves a golden opportunity to any other company that is willing
or able to stand up to the plate (US baseball term) with the same
performance and features.............but no one has.  So we tolerate Nikon's
attitude while we enjoy their products and we hope for something better.

Best Regards,

Bob Kehl

----- Original Message -----
From: Neil Cotty <neilc@apphosting.com>
To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2001 12:58 PM
Subject: filmscanners: Mr. Impatient - Me! <G>

> Hi all,
> What do I do? I've been waiting over 2 months now for my LS4000 only to be
> told each week, it will be here next week. *sigh* I rang Nikon UK today to
> be told that 'oh yes we won't have any more of those for another month or
> so'. They certainly don't seem to care much about their customers! Hmm I
> wonder if the purchaser be should be told before he hands over 1300 GBP
> it's going to take 3 months to deliver. Naahhh.. ;)
> OK rant over <G>. So what do I do, do I cancel my order and take a look at
> the competition - BTW what competition should I look at? is there any that
> match or exceed for similar money? - or is it worth the wait, ie stick it
> out no matter how bad the customer service is. Grr. ;) I am looking to go
> medium format shortly so maybe this is a good chance to consider another
> alternative, unfortunately price might prevent me there. Opinions please!
> Cheers,
> Neil
> Portsmouth, UK


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