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RE: filmscanners: OT: Spam

Yes.  But two or three a day would be a blessing; try 30-50 a day.  I get
Spam mail that automatically reconnects me to my dialup network when I open
it in preview mode to see if I need to delete it.  Writing the postmaster
typically does no good since much of this Spam mail is sent via hijacked ISP
domain addresses in a way that the ISP cannot easily prevent.  How does your
anti-Spam utility identify Spam from legitimate desired mail.  I have found
that most of the Spam mail does not seem to use any given format in terms of
either their address or subject line.

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Subject: Re: filmscanners: OT: Spam

Over the last month or two the amount of spam I'm receiving has increased
alarmingly. Used to get maybe one a week, but now it is more like two or
three every day. I've started to use a utility (Bounce Spam Mail) which
pretends that the address to which the mail is sent doesn't exist, and sends
it back with an appropriate message from the "Postmaster", but goodness
knows if it does any good.

Is anyone else receiving much more spam than they used to?

Colin Maddock


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