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Re: filmscanners: Microtek Artixscan 4000: how does it measure up?


I don't have either of them, but I understand the Artixscan and Polaroid have
the same innards and are both made in the same Microtek factory. They differ in
minor details of hardware (such as firmware) and in the package of software they
come with. I have not heard of a firewire version of the Artixscan -- I thought
they were SCSI (and not USB either).

As to price, I notice an Australian supplier is quoting AU$1,753 for the
Polaroid without SCSI card or software (I guess you can download the Polaroid
software for free, and/or pay US$40 for Vuescan). They quote AU$2,200 including
Silverfast software, SCSI card, cables, etc. See

Peter Marquis-Kyle

----- Original Message -----
From: "Tim Lumsdaine" <timbo@lumsdaine.com.au>

> In all of the correspondence I've followed on this site, I've hardly
> encountered anything relating to Microtek's "top" contender in the dedicated
> 35mm scanning category. I've had the FireWire version on order for a while:
> the specs seem good, the ScanWizard Pro software is easy to use, and it
> compares favourably (from what I've seen) with scanners far above its price
> range. From info I've received it shares the same engine as the Polaroid
> SS4000. In Australia it retails for around $2,500AUD.
> It still hasn't arrived in the country yet, so I'm curious as to whether any
> players here have had any experience with the beast or its earlier USB
> sibling. Any info would be much appreciated.


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