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Re: filmscanners: Astrophotographs

Herm <hermperez@worldnet.att.net> writes:

> I use vuescan, in 48bit mode, and export mostly raw scans to
> photoshop.. there I do a proper levels adjustment.. You will not get
> good results with any auto software on astrophotos.

True. It's nice to have a hobby that will likely keep me busy for at
least _some_ time... :-)

> for slides I do not use any color correction, for negatives I set
> color correction in Vuescan to auto white balance, black point set
> at 0% and white point set at 0.01%

The 'White Point' seems to be important, Ed wrote me a similar mail,
he suggested 0.001% (One quick test yesterday was far better than the
grainy, partly over-exposed scans I did before). It was probably the
only setting I had not yet tried.

As Lynn pointed out, I did not really describe my problem, so here it
comes: Scans from astronomical pictures on Kodak Royal 1000 or Kodak
Elite Chrome 200 turn out to be heavily over-exposed, even when I set
white balance to 'neutral' or 'none' and fiddle with the exposure
time. All this is using a ScanWit 2720S and VueScan7.1.3 (I just
downloaded the 7.1.7).

> here is a link to proper astrophotography levels adjustments:
> http://www.aa6g.org/Astronomy/Articles/levels.html

Hm... nice, thank you!

Jan Exner  exner@gmx.net  0x9E0D3E98  http://www.jan-exner.de/

'Von mir aus knnen sie ihre Raumschiffe mit Klafter und Ellen messen'
                                (Peter Hellinger in de.sci.astronomie)


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