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filmscanners: Vuescan gripes

Well, I am using Vuescan more and more as my default scanning app but as I
do I get more and more frustrated with it. I've finally figured out what all
the settings do and what figures work for me. I can even live without a
historgram. BUT on the mac at least

-- the crop box is awful and often simply doesn't work properly

-- the folder selection tools are buggy. On one occasion I selected folder A
inside folder B as a destination for TIFFs and instead the program created a
new folder called B/A

-- worst of all, when you edit the filenames, deletes and newlines are read
as characters and become *part of the filename*. This causes all sorts of
strange behaviour. On one occasion I batch scanned six negs (sound of
fingers drumming) only to find none of the files had survived, even though I
watched them being written to disk.

-- it is far too easy to forget to change the output file name when starting
a new scan. 

-- resizing the preview box causes spastic redrawing

While I like everyone else appreciate the extraordinary effort Ed puts into
developing this app, I am frustrated that so little effort is put into the
user interface. Human interface design clearly isn't something that lights
Ed's candle, and why should it, but *something* needs to be done to make
this app not only more user friendly, but also less problematic on the Mac.

John Brownlow


ICQ: 109343205


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