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RE: filmscanners: Stains and Grains (was Yellow Stain)

Brief update:

I decided to take my Scanwit apart last night to see what the optics look
like. The design is much simpler than I had imaged. The light source is a
single small light tube (3/16" x 2 1/2" about) and it is masked off via a
slot so only the center 1 inch or so is used to illuminate the film. This
eliminates any "spreading" lenses that I suspected would be the cause of the
yellow stain.

The CCD package appears to be a monolith assembly with integrated focusing -
I dont knowif it can be disassembler, so I left it alone.

This means the problem originates within that CCD assembly - whether in
optics or electrical I can't say.

Since others have also reported the yellow stain, I am now going to make the
assuption it is inherent in the design and is not a broken unit. Therefore I
will be focusing on ways to correct the stain. Tonight I will post my first
crude method on the website.

(Jerry, yes I will take a shot at you car picture and send you the results,
I may need the original - 2700 DPI image. Could you send it to my web site
if I give you a password?)


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        [Oostrom, Jerry]  []
> So if it's only occasionally a problem, don't worry. You can
> got a lot of conventional prints made from your negs for the
> difference in cost between the Scanwit and anything else
> that's worth having. Some negatives have always been
> difficult to print. The mistake occurred at the moment the
> button was pressed, not when the scanner was bought.
        [Oostrom, Jerry]  If only it were an occasional problem for me :-(


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