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Re: filmscanners: exposing C41 for scanning ( was gibberish header)

Rafe wrote:

>Mildly off-topic, but it's been hot as hell
over here on the US east coast in the last
few days, and I'm wondering if that isn't
at least partly the cause of my scanner's
recent misbehavior.  Scans done very early
this morning (while room temp was still
reasonable) came out fine.

As I mentioned a few minutes ago about "storage," *hot* is not good for 
transistors, either--especially when they have a light source closeby. I 
found out "several" years ago (:-)) that if I didn't want my computer to go 
"nutso" on a hot summer day, I needed to air-condition the room it was in.

There *is* a device about the size of a soft-drink-can that can cool a very 
heat-intensive computer/device, reverse-based on the Sterling Steam Engine. 
AFAIK, it has never been commercially available because of a whole bunch of 
corporate and governmental interference. But you could probably look it up, 
under Sterling Engine +University of Athens (Ohio). Other than that, an AC 
works pretty good, but it ain't cheap.

Best regards--LRA
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