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Re: filmscanners: Film base deterioration (was Digital Shortcomings)

Art wrote:

>Even film on cellulose acetate will keep itself together if properly
stored.  The biggest danger is caused by overheated conditions.  Film
should never be stored in 90 plus degrees F, as often occurs in
apartments in cities in temperate zones during the summer.  Keep it
cool, keep the humidity below 50% and constant, and your film will think
it was at the spa, in fact, it might come out looking and feeling
younger than when it went in ;-)

This is absolutly right, in my experience (it also applies to paper-based 
prints and other art, for that matter). Heat is the "enemy." There will be 
*cumulative* loss in any stored photos, but temps over 90F (about 38C?) are 
fatal, and quickly. Attics are worst, because the unpainted wood in some 
attics will give off acid fumes, even after 50 years. Add the heat, and it's 
a formula for disaster.

I'm not looking this up (as usual), because I remember most of the 
significant stuff--but I could. So can you. End game--you don't want to 
store *anything* that isn't iron in high temps. Period. (Dynamite is the 
worst--it can kill you :-) ).

Best regards--LRA
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