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Re: filmscanners: NikonScan 3.1-Silverfast 5.2 - Vuescan

At 11:54 PM 6/7/01 -0400, you wrote:
>I have and love the new Nikon LS4000 scanner.  According to some on this
>usergroup and others I know, the software that comes with the scanner is
>inferior.  Some say Silverfast, some say Vuscan.  Where do you get these
>software packages and how much do they cost?  Which is better?  What
>will they do that NikonScan 3.1 won't do?  Thanks.
>Ray Amos

I have all three.  However I just downloaded NikonScan 3.1 and cannot give a
comparison to 3.0 which crashed frequently.  Vuescan works very well and
I cannot get Silverfast to install (I have email out to them).  Vuescan costs
$40 and gets free updates.  Silverfast costs more and depends on what you
configure it for.  Try Silverfast.com

Best regards,

Steve Norvich
4951 Indiana Avenue
Mailstop 64
Lisle, Illinois  60532



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