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Re: filmscanners: OT: Monitor compatability

The connector for Macs and PCs is the same physically,
but the pinout or timing is slightly different (think
different!), but the good news is that almost all but
the lowliest budget monitors come with the Macintosh
connector adapter in the box. I am 99% certain the
Mitsubishi would (and I really like their monitors,
though I presently use a Sony).

BTW, that isn't a stupid question. Any time one
verifies thye are not wasting large amounts of money
is a good question, in my book.

--- "Maris V. Lidaka, Sr." <mlidaka@ameritech.net>
> A stupid question no doubt but I have to be sure
> before I spend the money:
> I am in the PC world.  My son the film student needs
> a Mac for film editing
> so I'll get him a Power Mac G4 dual processor.  Any
> concerns in monitor
> compatibility - i.e. can we just pick the monitor
> and it will work or does
> Apple have some proprietary mechanism limiting my
> choices?  In case it
> matters we're leaning toward the 19" Mitsubishi
> Diamond Pro 920.
> Maris

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