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RE: filmscanners: Fast, decent (if you are lucky), low res scans

Jerry Oostrom wrote (re his Acer Scanwit)

> (symptoms: brown-yellowish bands with negatives along the scan
direction at the boundaries of the frame for light parts of the photo,
similar problem with positive-film in dark shadowish parts, I've mailed
examples to this forum in the past) .

This is bizarre, but that reads like the problem I'm having with my flatbet
HP 6300C. The difference is (and I'm sorry now that I didn't download and
save Jerry's examples), that the banding is perpendicular to the scan
direction--i.e. at the right & left horizontal margins of the bed, following
the direction of the "truck" mechanism, in both PrecisionScan and Vuescan
(which rules out a software problem, for the most).

If anyone has any insight on what could be causing this, I'd be grateful (I
did break it down and clean the underside of the glass, BTW--"light leaks"
were a factor, and corrected with black velvet; problem persists). Getting
it fixed rather than replacing it is a priority, but I haven't a clue about
where to start (IME, the procedure should be "Notice the problem, Define the
problem, Isolate the problem, and Fix the problem!").

That works out to "NoDIF," which largely exemplifies the falacies of
acronyms. 'No Dif' is what I already have! ;-)

Best regards, and thanks for any ideas--LRA

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