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RE: filmscanners: A Good Epson Customer Service Story

Yes, it is nice to have a good story every now and then; but for the life of
me, I do not understand the need to give praise and honor to people for
doing the job they should have been doing at the best quality levels that
they could do.  It is good that Epson did what they did; but I would have
expected ( although not always gotten) a well known brand name to have done
no less.  Would you have expected less from a major company that is
supposedly selling quality products and furnishing quality services?

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Subject: filmscanners: A Good Epson Customer Service Story

My Epson Perfection 636 died last April, while still under warrantee. I was
in the middle of a job so I purchased an Epson Perfection 1200 SCSI on the
same day I sent it out to be repaired. When the 636 came back it wouldn't
work at all because the local licensed repair shop had not locked the
scanning mechanism before shipping it back to me. Not really needing it
because of the 1200, I just put it aside in the basement and went about my
business. Exactly one year later, the1200 started giving me trouble (by the
way, are these scanners considered disposable??) After calling Epson's tech
support I was advised to send the 1200 out (to the same repair facility) be
fixed under warrantee. I then explained my previous experience with Epson's
repair service and they advised me to tell my story to Customer Relations.

To make a long story short. Customer Relations sent call tags for the
Perfection 636,1200 and transparency adapter and sent me a brand new 1640
Photo in exchange.

With all the complaining we do about the hardware and software
manufacturers, I felt a need to tell a good story for a change.


Larry Berman




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