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RE: filmscanners: Kodak Q60, was greatpixin,greatpixout

A small aside, regarding a very cheap way to acquire a Q60 if you're lucky..

Some of the higher-priced flatbed scanners do (or used to) include a Q60 
(reflective) target, eg Microtek.

I know this because while helping clean up an office-load of old 
instruction manuals, I stumbled over an unused Q60.  Brightened my day 
considerably, because they didn't want it, or even know what it was for..!

So if you know anyone who looks after IT equipment, ask 'em..  Your average 
business scanner user couldn't give a toss about how his/her scanner is 
calibrated. :)

While initially I would have preferred to get the Q60 transparency, it's 
probably more useful to me to be able to check the whole 'chain of events'..

At 12:05 PM 3/05/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi Rob,
>Any photography "Pro Shop" will have them, or at worst, can order them for
>you.  I was in a good shop (don't recall the name) in Sydney's CBD.  Make
>sure you specify what you'll be using it for, as there are several different
>versions.  The following is a generic one.
> From B&H Photo: #Q-60 Color Calibration Target - 5x7" Print (IT-8)
>Brian Bisset


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